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DTFoundation 1.6.3

This maintenance update to DTFoundation fixes an issue with DTFolderMonitor. The update is available via GitHub tag or Cocoapods.

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DTLocalizableStringScanner 1.0

There’s been a bit of movement on our open source replacement for genstrings. So I figured it would finally be deserving of getting the same treatment as all our other popular repos: automated unit testing, coverage tracking, releases via CocoaPods.

Because of the unwieldy name I refer to it as genstrings2 and it provides the scanning functionally for the Linguan Mac app which was acquired by Peer Assembly.

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Book Updated!

Readers of my book get good news today! My publisher Manning released version of the MEAP-version of the book.

Previously available chapters 1 through 3 have been reworked based on the feedback several reviewers gave. There were some tough requests which I just couldn’t fit into the style of the book. But for the most part the book has become much better for it.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the book via Manning’s Early Access Program (MEAP) then please do so today!

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DTCoreText 1.6.11

In the 3 months since the previous release quite a few things happened on the development branch of DTCoreText. Additionally there were some issues related to iOS 7.1 and Xcode 5.1 that needed urgent addressing. Even though there are a few new features I decided to go with a bug fix version number. This way if somebody is using DTCoreText via CocoaPods and has the the version restricted to 1.6.x he gets all the critical fixes.

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DTDownload 1.1

This minor update to DTDownload adds a new feature: DTDownloadQueue now has a download priority.

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DTChartView 2.1

DTChartView is the very first component that I ever sold. Just like with the recent update to DTCalendarView there are still some stubborn users, so I finally brought it into the present.

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DTCalendarView 2.1

DTCalendarView is one of the very first components I started selling on the Cocoanetics Parts Store and the last update to it was 3 years ago. Because it still has a few stubborn users who love it (despite the dated iOS look), I updated it for iOS 7, 64 bit and fixed the warnings of Xcode 5.1.

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DTFoundation 1.6.2

This maintenance release addresses a few minor build issues with the new Xcode 5.1.

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Urban Airship Commander 1.2.0

After a very long time we are able to release an updated version of  Urban Airship Commander (with iOS7 support), our app for easily sending push notifications via Urban Airship. So people and developers out there: Please buy Urban Airship Commander so we can add a lot new features to the app or even create an iPad version!!

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DTMarkdownParser 0.2.1

This bug fix release fixes a few minor issues on DTMarkdownParser.

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