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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.8 + DTLoupe 1.5.5

This update for DTRichTextEditor and DTLoupe hot fixes an issue with loupe rotation under iOS 8.

DTLoupe 1.5.5 Changes

  • FIXED: Rotation problem on iOS 8

DTRichTextEditor 1.6.8 Changes

  • CHANGED: Update to DTLoupe 1.5.5

The root cause of the problem is that iOS no longer sets the transform on the root view because Apple generally wants to do away with the concept of interface orientation. DTLoupeView was updated to use the status bar orientation, root view controller’s interfaceOrientation, or if all fails calculates it from the main window aspect ration and device orientation. We might have to revisit this for iOS 9.

Known issue: DTLoupeView adds a custom UIWindow so that it is not part of the main view hierarchy. This causes the status bar to reappear if you had it hidden. Dealing with this would take some work and architectural changes. I believe that most users of DTRichTextEditor would leave the status bar visible anyway, so I won’t do anything about that.

The update is available via the private Cococapods Spec to existing customers and in the private GitLab repository.

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