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Radar: Xcode fails to update inline help from documentation comments

When researching documentation comments for a talk I’ll be giving at a conference I got stumped by this issue with Xcode 6.0.1. When I created a fresh project the documentation popup would be instantly updated, but when changing documentation in my larger projects (e.g. DTFoundation or DTCoreText) the updated would never happen.

Filed as rdar://18394363 and on Open Radar.


In a fresh project Xcode reflects changes to documentation comments right away if you click on a method with Option+Click. In a larger project it fails to update.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. in terminal, clone my DTFoundation project from GitHub:git clone
  2. cd DTFoundation
  3. open DTFoundation.xcodeproj
  4. open DTActionSheet.h
  5. Option+Click on initWithTitle: – note that the description matches the comment
  6. Modify the comment, adding text. e.g. “foo bar”
  7. (necessary?) CMD+S to save, CMD+B to build

Expected Results

  • added text “foo bar” should appear in the second Option+Click popup

Actual Results

  • original text without “foo bar” appears.


If you create a new project the updating of the bubble works right away, even without having to CMD+S, CMD+B.

This screenshot shows that the Option+Click help bubble did not update.

Documentation did not update

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