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DTPinLockController 2.0.0

Our DTPinLockController is one of the oldest components we’ve been selling on It mimics the way the passcode lock screen on iOS works. Thanks to the massive reworking by René Pirringer and Stefan Gugarel there is now a new 2.0 version which supports all the latest iOS devices.


  • Hook for custom-implementation of passcode storage.
  • Full support of all past and current iOS devices.
  • Way to many changes to list.
  • Demo shows how to use it
  • Now available as private CocoaPod.

I didn’t think there there would ever be an update to this component, but since it gets heavily used in several of our clients’ apps we needed to take this step. There is another reason why this component gets a new lease of life: if you want to implement TouchID you need to have a facility for a passcode lock UI as well. You can use this component for this purpose.



Thanks to René and Stefan this update is now also available to all our customers either via our private GitLab server or through private CocoaPod.

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