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DTCoreText 1.6.13

This hot fix release for DTCoreText contains a pressing crashing bug related to changed behavior in iOS 8. It also adds support for animated GIFs. Plus a few other annoyances.



  • FIXED: Traditional margin-* style value following -webkit-margin-* reset margin values to 0
  • FIXED: iOS 8 crash resulting from Apple making CTRunGetPositionsPtr lazy
  • FIXED: HTML element with text attachment and display:none would emit extra object placeholder
  • FIXED: Child element with display:none would not be ignored when determining if parent needs to be output
  • FIXED: Animated GIF only showing first frame
  • FIXED: DTHTMLWriter does not output attachments
  • CHANGED: Migrated unit testing to XCTest
  • CHANGED: DTFoundation updated to 1.7.1 (for animated GIF support)

Note that the animated GIF support is only recommended for small size animated GIFs since it is using a method that keeps it compatible with UIImageView. Interestingly a UIImageView apparently automatically animates an image that has multiple frames. I only did an implementation for iOS because there we know for a fact that ImageIO does not properly deal with animated GIFs. Thanks to Kerem Erkan for contributing the iOS 8 fix.

On the maintenance side, Xcode 6 kept complaining that I was using a deprecated unit testing framework. So I finally migrated to XCTest since the Xcode version installed on Travis-CI build nodes is sufficiently recent to handle that.

The update is tagged as release on GitHub and also posted to CocoaPods.

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  1. If an app is using an earlier version of DTCoreText, and was built with an earlier XCode for ios 7, will the “iOS 8 crash resulting from Apple making CTRunGetPositionsPtr lazy” issue still hit us? ie should we prepare a new version as fast as possible?


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