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DTFoundation 1.7.2

This maintenance update for DTFoundation fixes a slew of warnings that appear building for iOS 8 only or with Xcode 6.



  • FIXED: [DTAlertView] Completion blocks for the buttons are not executed on iOS 8
  • FIXED: [DTLog] Deprecation warnings with iOS 8 deployment target
  • FIXED: [DTProgressHUD] Warning about no rootViewController might show if instantiated in app’s first run loop (<= iOS 7)
  • FIXED: [DTSidePanelController] Horizontal swipe gesture interfering with edit gesture on table view
  • FIXED: [DTSidePanelController] Panel sizing issue resulting in black areas showing
  • ADDED: [DTSidePanelController] Support for creation via storyboard

Thanks to René Pirringer and André Mathlener for working out the DTAlertView issue. Thanks to René Swoboda for contributing improvements on DTSidePanelController. Our side panel controller can now also be set up and used in storyboard-based apps.

The update is tagged on GitHub as well as published via CocoaPods.

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