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DTDownload 1.1.1

This maintenance update for DTDownload fixes a dependency clash with DTFoundation and contains several minor fixes.


  • FIXED: arm64 Warnings
  • FIXED: DTDownload.h could not found building via Cocoapods. Moved into new Core subspec
  • FIXED: [DTDownloadCache] Error on __weak when building for platform not supporting zeroing weak refs
  • CHANGED: Migrated Unit Tests to xctest
  • CHANGED: Updated DTFoundation to require 1.7.x

For some reason Cocoapods linting would no longer accept my podspec with some files in the podspec main and some in subspecs. I had a DTDownload.h header file in the root of the podspec and was importing this from a file in a sub spec. When I tried to lint this the compiler complained that it would not find the header file. I fixed this by creating a new “Core” sub spec that is now required by the Cache and Queue sub specs.

Stefan Gugarel fixed some arm64-related Warnings and I migrated the unit testing to xctest to get it building again on Travis-CI.

The update is tagged on GitHub and is also available on CocoaPods trunk.


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