Our DNA is written in Swift

Group by, Count and Sum in CoreData

For a tvOS app I needed to efficiently group by a certain column and then count the resulting rows or sum the value. And since I do everything in Swift 3 these days, I couldn’t find any suitable example on line. But I eventually figured it out.

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Replying to Reviews

With the release of iOS 10.3 Apple has also added functionality to iTunes Connect to let you respond to reviews. What’s really cool about this: Apple will send your reply as email to the user’s AppleID!

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One Month since XcodeJobs Relaunch

Time flies. It’s already 4 weeks since we relaunched on February 1st. At this point it is reasonable to inspect some of our metrics to determine how it is going so far.

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Firebase Tutorial

Since the official Parse shutdown, many people are looking for alternatives. Google established Firebase as one such option for your web-based backend. In this tutorial we will be exploring how to build an iOS app that uses Google Firebase as backend.

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iTunes Connect Encryption Info

Apps on Apple’s App Store are technically originating in the US. Therefore they are affected by US rules governing the export of encryption technology. For a long while, I remember, Apple asked developers during app submission if the app was using encryption.

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DTCoreText 1.6.20

Since the previous maintenance release was 4 months ago, I decided to make a new release with the contributions made since then. DTCoreText is not being actively developed further by me because by this time the HTML-parsing capabilities built into iOS 9 and 10 are sufficient for most peoples needs. But since I keep getting good pull requests (with unit tests a welcome extra) I keep releasing these every couple of months.

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XcodeJobs v2

In 2012, when I had been working full time in iOS development for 2 years, I used to frequently see tweets about companies looking for Apple developers. This is why I established the @XcodeJobs twitter account because I felt it would make most sense to retweet those job offers with a dedicated channel.

My thinking was that if you were looking for your next iOS gig you would just follow this channel and – once you found it – you could simply unfollow it. At the same time I wouldn’t spam people who are not looking for a job with these job offers.

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PSA: Xcode hanging opening projects

There is bug in Xcode 8 that has not yet been fixed as of Xcode 8.2.1. If you running macOS Sierra you might find that Xcode hangs if you try to open a project, for example via Finder or the open command. The original bug report was filed as rdar://29319747 which mine was closed as a duplicate of.

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The Exclamation Function

Four months ago, I reported a scenario where LLVM would crash with a segmentation fault. A later Xcode version fixed the LLVM crash, but now the crash would occur during runtime. This surprised me: Why would it be valid syntax accepted by the compiler, yet crash during execution?

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Sheet dismissal bug when window is hidden

Our customer found the following issue. In our apps we are showing some sheets for displaying progress to the user (downloading a bunch of images for example). I was not aware that if you ALT + CLICK in macOS ouside your window it gets hidden. When you do this and dismiss the sheet meanwhile an empty sheet remains on top of your window.

This bug is filed as rdar://30071930 and on Open Radar.

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