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DTFoundation 1.7.7

This maintenance update for DTFoundation cleans up a few Xcode 7 and OCLint warnings and fixes an issue in DTSidePanelController.

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Serious iOS Issue with GS1-128 Barcodes

Barcodes with iOSAs you might now I have an dual interest in product barcodes. First, there is my book treating all kinds of barcode symbologies supported by iOS. Second, there is ProductLayer where we are building a crowd-sourced product database via the social network.

At first I thought that the problem would only exist for really low quality bar codes (rdar://19438067) but now I found a perfectly good looking specimen that has the same issue: iOS does not recognize it.

Filed as rdar://22048146 and on Open Radar. I am hoping that Apple can fix this issue before iOS 9 is done.

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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.11

I had moved DTRichTextEditor to be Open Source because I wanted bright individuals to be able to contribute to this complex component. I had hatched the plan to ask people who are using the component commercially to set a bounty for fixed issues. This is the second release where a bounty was successfully captured.

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Radar: Xcode framework for wrong platform

It took me almost an entire day to figure out that the following issue is caused by some indeterministic behavior of Xcode. As a developer, you expect to see the same results if you use the same parameters (i.e. “deterministic”), but this is a situation that sometimes succeeds, sometimes doesn’t.

In DTFoundation I have two targets that produce a DTFoundation.framework, for iOS and OS X respectively. Now the problems seems to be that since I set both to define a module “DTFoundation”, Xcode randomly gets confused during building an iOS app and sometimes might try to build the OS X framework for iOS.

This was filed as rdar://22008701 and on Open Radar. From the looks of things Rob Rix has filed bug report rdar://20490378 that appears to be describing the same issue. If you disable implicit dependency finding in the scheme, the problem also goes away.

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Deal of the Day

Manning offers three books (including mine) as Deal of the Day, for July 26th. Here’s your chance to get a great deal on several great books!

Use promo code dotd072615au to get 50% off any of these books throughout July 28th.

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Radar: 2 for the Watch

Unfortunately Runtastic crashes on iOS 9. So I switched to tracking my nordic walks with Apple Watch. This works fine for the most part. But I experienced two issue lately. One of those is quite funny, so I chose to publish the bug reports here as well.

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Monetizing Your Apps with Subscriptions

On mDevCamp 2015 Prague I gave a talk on auto-renewable subscriptions. One month earlier, at WWDC and the time leading up to it, I had learned a great deal about this subject and so I worked my experiences into a concise talk so that you will have an easier time implementing subscriptions into your apps.

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Cocoanetics is News

The third BETA seed of iOS 9 adds the News app… if you are in USA. But there’s a trick how you can get it too. And Cocoanetics is there as well.

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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.10

This is the first update since the project has been open-sourced. Together with the updates in all sub-modules it now supports Cocoapods frameworks and modules.

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DTCoreText 1.6.16

This is a big update for DTCoreText, maybe even deserving of a minor version bump. It aggregates fixes and enhancements contributed over more than 4 months. This kind of proves that DTCoreText is alive and getting better all the time.

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