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DTFoundation 1.7.8

This update for DTFoundation fixes some building problems for tvOS and extensions. Also most of the work happened on DTASN1 in preparation for Kvitto, my new open source framework for reading App Store receipt files.


  • ADDED: Support for tvOS
  • ADDED: Define to disable code that does not work when building for extensions
  • ADDED: [DTASN1] now part of DTFoundation Core
  • FIXED: [DTASN1] Numbers with more than 4 bytes would not be represented as NSNumber
  • FIXED: [DTASN1] Zero-length strings would cause parsing to assume an error
  • CHANGED: Removed DTZipArchive unit tests that would sometimes randomly fail (timing)

Thanks to Michał Zaborowski and Todd Brannam for the conditional building contributions for tvOS and extensions.

The update is available via Cocoapods and tagged on GitHub.

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