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DTFoundation 1.7.9

I’m doing this year-end update for DTFoundation to not have any unreleased contributions.


  • FIXED: Support for app extensions
  • FIXED: Missing resume for data task in URL unshortener
  • CHANGED: Made smart paging delegate outlet so that it can be connected in IB
  • CHANGED: tvOS settings for combining HiDPI artwork, as suggested by Xcode
  • CHANGED: Exclude DTAlertView and DTActionSheet based on min OS instead of max OS
  • CHANGED: Removed deprecated classes from progress HUD demo
  • CHANGED: Xcode 7.1 update
  • FIXED: Unit tests

Those are for the most part clean up changes, the biggest recent changes were made in the previous release. Thanks to Michał Zaborowski and Stefan Gugarel for their contributions to this release.

The update is tagged on GitHub and available via Cocoapods.


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