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DTCoreText 1.6.17

This update to DTCoreText aggregates and release half a year worth of fixes. The previous update was in July 2015.

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  • ADDED: Line truncation
  • ADDED: Minimum and maximum line heights
  • ADDED: Ability to change paragraph tag name
  • ADDED: Support for use in app extension
  • FIXED: Build error for integrating via sub-project
  • FIXED: CTLineUtils compiler warnings
  • FIXED: Setup Guide for sub-project integration
  • FIXED: Missing paragraph style for text attachments
  • CHANGED: Updated to DTFoundation 1.6.9

Thanks Aleksandr Deundiak, Jin, Niklas Saers, Ryan Gregg, Philipp Schmid, David X. Lau and Michał Zaborowski for their contributions towards this release.

The update is tagged on GitHub as well as available via Cocoapods.

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