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GeoCorder saves the day

Sometimes I hear from users of my apps and the ones I like to hear from the most are the happy ones. Here is one case of a happy customer that relates to my app for recording map paths: GeoCorder

I am fascinated by aerial photography, who isn’t? While my own experience is limited to flying around my Parrot Drone, one of my dream toys is one of those gyro-stabilised drones which can give you video footage that rivals those of professionals.

Professionals like Aerial Filmworks. On one of their shoots, using a full-sized helicopter,their primary way of recording GPS data stopped recording. But they had an iPhone on board, running GeoCorder and this saved the day.

“Hello, my name is Ron Chapple. I am the Aerial Director of Photography for Aerial Filmworks, and film projects for National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery Channel. We frequently use Geocorder to record our flight paths in extremely remote areas of the world. Geocorder is excellent, and thanks for making this app available!”

Wow, those are the once in a lifetime testimonials that bring joy to your heart!

GeoCorder’s accuracy comes from using Core Location for getting the track points. It uses several levels of positioning with iOS doing the grunt work of giving you the most accurate location possible:

  • Cellular Tower triangulation
  • WiFi Singnal triangulation
  • GPS and GLONASS (from iPhone 4S and newer)

We have come used to iOS giving us a location fix in record time. Apparently this speed is unique to the Apple platform and Android phones take much longer to give you just the GPS location.

I have to admit that it was quite some time that I updated GeoCorder. Testimonials like this might give a reason to finally do so.


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