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GeoCorder RECORDs and TRACKs, it’s the only app that combines a recorder, a tracker and a breadcrumb map in one convenient package. Both can be activated and used independently.

Record your movements in 3D space and use these tracks to geotag SLR pictures, view your tracks on digital maps/globes or feed them as test data into your own iPhone apps.

Independently from the recorder you have a tracker at your disposal that can report your location in set intervals to your choice of Google Latitude, Crossingways or any number of your own custom servers (HTTP GET).

GeoCorder is fully multi-tasking enabled (on supporting devices) to allow recording and tracking while in background or with the device in your pocket. You know that recording/tracking is active by looking for the location icon in your status bar.

Warning: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Setting the resolution and filtering helps you to reduce battery consumption. A new “plausibility filter” eliminates these spikes to the nearest cell tower if GPS drops out. With this on you can even use GeoCorder as an odometer, each track shows the number of recorded track points as well as the distance travelled while recording it.

You can export your tracks in GPX format with time stamps for geotagging or KML format for use in Google Earth. You can choose to compress the exported files for huge bandwidth savings. The GPX format has timestamps, altitudes and info on how precise the horizontal and vertical location was.

Geoffrey Hayes demonstrates how to use GeoCorder for geotagging in this video:

GeoCorder is designed to be obvious to use. Push the record button to start recording. Pause to pause. Stop to stop. After pause record continues the current track. After stop you start a new track. A sensitivity graph gives you visual feedback how accurate your recorded GPS data is. GeoCorder does not only use the the device’s GPS (if available) but also WiFi and cell tower triangulation. So you can even record positions with devices that don’t sport a GPS chip like iPod Touch.

The map view shows the currently recorded track as a bread crumb trail on a live updating Google Map. The new Tracking mode enables GeoCorder to post your position to your own server via an URL you can freely configure.

The FREE Version contains all the great features of GeoCorder, but it is sponsored by small advertisements. Ads can be disabled via In-App-Purchase.

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