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GeoCorder 1.3

GeoCorder started out as a pure track recorder but since version 1.2 it also became a great position tracker, provided that you had your own server to receive the position updates.

In this new version 1.3 you have a choice of two additional services: Google Latitude and Crossingways.


  • FIXED: Tracker would stop sending updates
  • ADDED: Google Latitude as tracking service
  • ADDED: Crossingways as tracking and upload service

Update Jan 7th: The update is now available for download from the app store.

These changes made it necessary to completely revamp the tracking screen. Each individual service is now shown with a traffic light indicating the last update status. Red means error, Yellow in progress and Green ok.

The Update Interval is now set globally for all enabled service. You can switch services on and off on the “Configure Tracking Services” screen. Additionally you can configure an arbitrary number of custom servers to receive your updates via HTTP GET.

In addition to these changes on the tracking screen there is a new section in settings where you can link the Crossingways and Latitude accounts.

Generally a word of caution: Crossingways insists on mentioning that they are BETA, Latitude keeps telling us that it is a Google Labs service that might change when becoming a released product. Generally my tests have shown them to work without issues.

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  1. Hi There

    I would like to Purchase DTPinkLockController but cannot see how I am supposed to do that.

    Can you let me know the process please.


  2. Please see the Terms&Conditions link right at the top of the components page.