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GeoCorder 1.3.3

GeoCorder was having a problem that only became apparent if used over longer durations. Also it was quite elusive so we needed to open a technical support ticket with Apple to get help in finding it. And so we did, or more precisely: they found it and we fixed it.


  • FIXED: Crash when recording for a long duration
  • FIXED: Various stability improvements

Updates for both the free and the paid versions have been submitted to Apple.

Update August 15th: now available.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m developing a Nextcloud web application to follow multiple phone’s positions in real time. For that purpose i need phone apps (Android and IOS) that are able to send http requests with coordinates as parameters to custom server URL.

    On Android, i found out that GpsLogger was doing it.

    On IOS i found GeoCorder and one little detail seems to be missing. I borrowed an IPhone to try it out and didn’t have enough time to deeply test it. It seems the parameters sent to server are lat, lon and speed. I need the timestamp or the UTC date associated to the position. Would it be possible for you to add this parameter ?

    One question : What method is used to pass the parameters in http request ? GET or POST ?

    Thanks a lot for having developed GeoCorder.

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