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Urban Airship Commander

Urban Airship Commander is used by Developers who use Urban Airship’s push notification service. It is a convenient mobile tool to keep track of your push-enabled apps and broadcast notifications to your users.

You can spice up your push notifications by using the emojis that are available on the iPhone emoji keyboard. You can tap on any previous log message and reuse the text and custom settings to save yourself much time. We found this to be a boon during development time when you need to keep resending the same message over and over again to test your apps.

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GeoCorder RECORDs and TRACKs, it’s the only app that combines a recorder, a tracker and a breadcrumb map in one convenient package. Both can be activated and used independently.

Record your movements in 3D space and use these tracks to geotag SLR pictures, view your tracks on digital maps/globes or feed them as test data into your own iPhone apps.

Independently from the recorder you have a tracker at your disposal that can report your location in set intervals to your choice of Google Latitude, Crossingways or any number of your own custom servers (HTTP GET).
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The wait is over! After almost a full year of development we present iWoman 2.0. This brings you all the features our reviewers requested: cycle overview, calendar view, passcode lock, recording of basal temperature with charting, notes and intercourse tracking.

Thousands of women worldwide have already discovered the amount of control that iWoman affords them over their biological cycle. So can you!

The intuitive interface allows to quickly add information about a new cycle and will estimate number of days and cycle start date from previously entered dates.

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Do you know exactly when to switch to and from Daylight Savings Time?
Or does it SNEAK UP ON YOU twice a year?

With this handy app you will never be in this embarrassing situation again. “Summertime” shows you all you need to know about when the
switch will take place and what it will consist of. It uses the massive internal iPhone timezone database to know exactly if and when
DST switches will occur, or if you are in a timezone that does not have them.

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Big red LED digits allow you to see the timer even at great distance so you are free to move while you give the talk of your life. SpeakerClock emulates the famous countdown clock that all speakers at TED conferences need to adhere to.

The latest version is a universal app with HD-support for iPad, multiple presets and lots of usability enhancements. New portrait support allows you to put your iPhone/iPad in the cradle and still use SpeakerClock. Now the whole screen flashes if you transition into a new phase of your speech.

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iFR Cockpit

Note: Due to time constraints we have not been able to update this app since June 2009. Therefore it is free until we can update it. Try it at your own risk and if you have some time maybe let us know what we should add in your opinion to again make it worth a dollar.

NOW at the lowest price possible until the next update. We appreciate your enthusiasm for iFR Cockpit, please submit your feature requests to our bug/feature tracker.

Pilots use their instruments to fly through bad weather. Modern pilots use an LCD “glass cockpit” like the famous G1000. Now you can have your own glass cockpit in your pocket ready for those times when you too find it hard to keep straight and level.

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