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Do you know exactly when to switch to and from Daylight Savings Time?
Or does it SNEAK UP ON YOU twice a year?

With this handy app you will never be in this embarrassing situation again. “Summertime” shows you all you need to know about when the
switch will take place and what it will consist of. It uses the massive internal iPhone timezone database to know exactly if and when
DST switches will occur, or if you are in a timezone that does not have them.

Regardless if you switch on October 25th like Europe or November 1st like the USA or any other date, you are always ahead of the game. So far ahead in fact that this app also prepares a reminder e-mail for you that you can send to yourself or anybody else you like to remind. Also besides of a clock face illustrating the change that will occur, the date and weekday or the change, you also get a countdown so you can plan ahead, be it to party one hour longer or going to bed earlier to that you will be refreshed when most everybody else is tired from losing the hour.

Of course you can always look up the details, but the time you save by using this app and the power this puts in your pocket should be well worth the price of the app.

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