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Summertime 1.2.1

This version of our app that knows all about Daily Savings Time is minor update that fixes reminders and adds support for the taller iPhone 5 screen.


  • FIXED: Reminder Setting did not get saved
  • FIXED: Incorrect radius on inner border edge of time zone cards
  • ADDED: Launch images
  • ADDED: Support for taller iPhone 5 screen

The first item in this list kept back to haunt me after I had fixed the reminder problem in the previous problem. After testing I removed some extra logging code and removed one line too much. If you are a developer then you should appreciate the following screenshot:

This goes to show that you always should be testing apps before submission, even if all you (think you) removed where log statements.

I added launch images which at the same time enables the special taller mode on iPhone 5. Apps should generally have a default image that shows an “empty UI” to make the app feel faster to launch from scratch. It was only out of laziness that I didn’t have these before. Now with the iPhone 5 these launch images are the only way of enabling the taller resolutions. So I relented and added all three images.

Finally I had an incorrect radius on the inner corners of the thick border that is drawn around the time zone cards. This caused it to have a differing width in the corners.

The update has been submitted to Apple for approval.

Update Nov 20th: Unfortunately we did not notice until today that Apple had rejected the update because we didn’t yet upload 4″ iPhone screen shots. So we did that. And while doing so we found another newly introduced bug which we also fixed.

Update Nov 27th: The update has been approved by Apple.

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