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The wait is over! After almost a full year of development we present iWoman 2.0. This brings you all the features our reviewers requested: cycle overview, calendar view, passcode lock, recording of basal temperature with charting, notes and intercourse tracking.

Thousands of women worldwide have already discovered the amount of control that iWoman affords them over their biological cycle. So can you!

The intuitive interface allows to quickly add information about a new cycle and will estimate number of days and cycle start date from previously entered dates.

In addition to the list view there is a wheel view that depicts the current stage of the cycle and lets you inspect the near future. The new monthly calendar view gives another useful perspective and allows for entering facts on a daily basis: notes, basal temperature and intercourses.

The best feature of iWoman is that you can easily estimate future dates when you might be indisposed and make certain that your cycle does not interfere with your next vacation.

Keeping track of your female cycle with our handy tool puts you in charge!

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  1. after updating to iWoman 2.0.1 the app crashes instantly (iPhone Version 3.1.2),- how can I get access to my stored data???

  2. You can get the apps data to your PC/Mac via iTunes. Would it be possible for you to either submit the crash reports to Apple or use the Apple iphone config utility to send me the output on the log so that I can see the problem and fix it?

    Or could you possibly mail me your periods.dat file (get via iTunes) so that I can check if maybe there is a problem with it?

    In iTunes open your iPhone, to to apps and scroll down, there you see the file sharing where you can copy files from and to the device.

  3. PS: I just remembered that iTunes file sharing did only become available as of 4.x. You can extract the periods.dat with this tool from your iPhone backup:

  4. I just discovered that the app will crash if the import of previous data takes longer than 10 seconds. That’s bad. I will try to fix this right away, but it requires a bit of restructuring of the app.

    Sorry about the inconvenience!

  5. Remarkable Job, i enjoy the app! I discovered your app on the app store and I will be adding it to my site as soon as I add my future updates. Hopefully you could get a couple of downloads from it.

  6. Hello, my partner and i check out your blog frequently and i own the same a single and that i was just wondering if you get lots of spam remarks? If hence how can one avoid it, any plugin or something you’ll advise? i get the majority of these days the generating me angry thus any there’s help quite definitely treasured.

  7. I use Akismet that takes care of most spam.

  8. the developer webpage entry on the itunes page for that app is incorrect. I wonder this could pass Apple’s review criterias….

  9. thank you, I corrected it. This only applied to the German localization.

  10. This app is terrible! I can’t set the dates on it. If I choose ‘about iwoman’ it just crashes out. Useless and I paid for the extras too! What a waste.

  11. …and why can’t I find any instructions ANYWHERE on how to use it?? Poor.

  12. Sorry about hearing that. Instructions are on the About and this is the first time I hear about a crash there.

    Basically you use the List view to add a cycle and then adjust the begin and end dates.

  13. Hi Drops,

    we just updated the app to the latest version 2.0.5 and now the app is crashing just when opening. The crash report mentions:
    Date/Time: 2012-03-25 14:20:11.222 -0600
    OS Version: iPhone OS 3.1.3 (7E18)
    Report Version: 104

    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x00000001, 0xe7ffdefe
    Crashed Thread: 0

    Dyld Error Message:
    Symbol not found: __NSConcreteStackBlock
    Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/0012A870-22A7-438B-A5CC-4E611F2210E3/
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
    Dyld Version: 149

    Did a little research and it looks like you need to compile it with certain settings to allow 3.1.3 support:

    Can you please advice on how can we make it work again?

    Thank you and regards,
    P.S. your app is awesome!

  14. Sorry, but I cannot support any iOS version prior to 4.0 because I am using blocks now.

  15. Hi I think you misunderstood me, I’ve never asked you to support any version, I’ve bought your app when my iPhone was on an earlier version and it was working fine till a week ago when you decided to move apparently to a new programming platform what I don’t care, thing is you never told iTunes that your app would not work on a 3.1.3 version and the update was pushed to my iphone, so it is not my problem but yours. I never said I wanted the newest version, I want the app that I bought to work as it used to.

    So I see only two options: either you solve the issue or you return my money back.

    Being frank I was expecting a more professional answer from you, specially since there are a bunch of post on google saying this shouldn’t be a complex problem to solve and apparently from your prompt reply you didn’t even open the couple of links I’ve suggested.

  16. Please contact Apple to refund your purchase.

  17. You might be interested to hear that I fixed the 3.x incompatibility just for you… 😉

  18. Hi Drops,

    thank you very much! I really appreciate your effort!


  19. Hi,

    can you tell me a way to transfer the data of iWoman from an iPod to an iPhone?

  20. This app is great, I love it. But please! upgrade for the iPhone 5s

  21. Urgent- I am goign to update my iphone software and I am scared i will lose all my data- is there an app for the MAC that i can sync my info to? or an online accoutn where it will be safe?

  22. Update your design.

  23. Hi- the link under the “Available on the App Store” badge on this page is to the Austrian app store- (I suggest you remove “/at” from the URL)