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iWoman 2.0.8

iWoman is approaching the end of support for iOS 3. This update fixes a minor bug and adds import/export functionality to allow you to move to a new iPhone that is able to run iOS 4 or higher.


– FIXED a bug that could lead to new cycles not being added to the cycle list upon pushing the Add button.
– ADDED functionality for importing and exporting your database to a text file which is accessible via iTunes.

The update has been submitted to Apple and will be released as soon as it is approved.

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  1. Trying to export the DB from an iPhone 3.1.3 so I can import it to an iPhone 5. In the 3.1.3 I’m using iWoman 2.0.8, and “Export DB to iTunes” apparently works OK. But when I try to import to the iPhone 5, I get a “No Database.plist file exists” error. I’ve tried reinstalling and exporting from the 3.1.3 many times, nothing.

  2. Please email me the plist file so that I can see if I can reproduce the problem

  3. Thank you for the quick response! Looks like all I needed to do was restart or something else! I backed up my iPhone 3.1.3, then used the Backup Extractor tool (referenced elsewhere in your iWoman webpage) and I found the Database.plist file. I then added it to iTunes, plugged in my iPhone 5 and imported the database without problems! Thank you again for your quick response! Awesome app!

  4. Please I can’t seem to find the App on Apple Store ,

  5. This was and still the best period/ovulation tracker App. And very accurate. Please enlighten me on where to find it again.