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FOKUS KIND Medien acquires iWoman

Drobnik KG and FOKUS KIND Medien, Austria – We are announcing that effective June 1st FOKUS KIND Medien has acquired the iWoman iOS property.

iWoman is a simple and intuitive app for women to keep track on their menstrual cycle. In-app purchases add the ability to keep track of sexual intercourse, daily basal temperature measurements and to have the data passcode protected. iWoman was the first app Drobnik had published on the app store in late 2008.

iWoman IconOliver Drobnik, founder of Drobnik KG and shared this history of iWoman:

“I built the first version of iWoman mostly as an exercise to learn Objective-C in 2008. It was actually the second app I submitted to the app store. The first was DropClock which would measure vertical distances by letting people drop their iPhone onto a soft pillow. But – for some weird reason – Apple never approved this app. πŸ™‚

iWoman was an overnight success, for a long time ranging amongst top sellers in the health & fitness categories. Two years later, in late 2010, iWoman 2.0 brought much exanded functionality, in-app purchases and a complete visual redesign. In retrospect, iWoman proved to be a good commercial success in the long run, netting sales of $48.K ($32.9K after Apple’s share) over its 8 year life span so far.

Unfortunately the sales were spread out over so many months that I didn’t ever have the resources available to keep iWoman current and fresh. Because of this no updates were made since Summer 2012. This was always been a chip on my shoulder. On one side I was emotionally attached ot this app being my first published one, on the other side I needed to make a living and could not take care of my baby.”

FOKUS KIND Medien is the Austrian online publisher with the widest national reach on the topics of pregnacy and baby rearing. In Austria, it is well-known for maintaining popular websites,, and many more.

Stefan Eipeltauer, CEO of FOKUS KIND Medien said about the acquisition:

“We are excited to pick up this app which perfectly fits into our portfolio of pregnancy-related mobile apps. We will continue to work with the previous owner to fix some pressing bugs and – later this year – overhaul the UI to give it a more modern feel. Cocoanetics has proven to be a great software development partner and we are looking forward to working with them on this and other apps.”

iWoman is the second app which Cocoanetics was able to place with a new owner, the first one being Linguan which was acquired by Peer Assembly in late 2013.

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