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My AI Company Vision

A year ago, I posted an article that showed my CV as tuned by ChatGPT 4. As I have witnessed announcements and demonstrations of agent systems over the past months, a vision has started to form in my head that begged me to be written down. This is the shape how I want my software development business to achieve, given a long enough time horizon.

Generally people tend to greatly overestimate what kind of progress can be made within one year. And they greatly underestimate the kind of progress that can be achieved in 10 years. We can discuss the reasons for that in detail another day, but for the sake of argument lets say that I think the following vision can be achieved within 3-5 years.

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ProductLayer Post Mortem

In the beginning, there was an idea: To provide a web service for app developers that would let them get basic product information – like a title and category – for a product which they only have a bar code for. I imagined that this could be the basis for a plethora of niche apps, each serving a different kind of niche: keep track of your books, CDs, games. Keep your inventory current, never again miss some food expiration date.

I thought that many app developers would have many users and those users would then add products to the global database if they encounter one that couldn’t be resolved. Monetization would be done from app developers who had the most web API traffic and at a later stage from letting product manufacturers analyse the sentiment about their products.

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Back to Square Two

When I started blogging on in early 2009, I had been dabbling with iOS development for little under a year. That was the same time when I turned full-time, when my prior employer decided to have someone cheaper doing my job (Windows PC Helpdesk). This initial blogging frenzy was the way most of my clients found me, both for components as well as custom app development.

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Coach or be Coached

About a year ago, I got contacted with an unusual request: how can users with iPhone to participate in WebRTC video conferences?

All other desktop browsers  already did support WebRTC, and Safari on Mac needed a plugin for it. But Mobile Safari never supported Flash or any other plugins. But I knew how to achieve this and this resulted in the development of the app.

Since launched today, I would like to tell you something about it. Besides the question how I solved the riddle, you might like it as way to offer coaching services for pay to an international audience. Or you might be interested in learning new skills from international experts.

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Day of the Day

Barcodes with iOSManning offers three books (including mine) as Deal of the Day, for January 2nd. Here’s your chance to get a great deal on several great books!

Use promo code dotd010216au to get 50% off any of these books.

Growth Spurt

In January 2016 the Cocoanetics blog as well as my iOS development business will exist 7 years. The business entity behind it – Drobnik KG – existed for twice as long. At the end of 2015 there will be several fundamental changes.

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Deal of the Day

Manning offers three books (including mine) as Deal of the Day, for November 2nd. Here’s your chance to get a great deal on several great books!

Use promo code dotd110215au to get 50% off any of these books throughout July 28th.

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FOKUS KIND Medien acquires iWoman

Drobnik KG and FOKUS KIND Medien, Austria – We are announcing that effective June 1st FOKUS KIND Medien has acquired the iWoman iOS property.

iWoman is a simple and intuitive app for women to keep track on their menstrual cycle. In-app purchases add the ability to keep track of sexual intercourse, daily basal temperature measurements and to have the data passcode protected. iWoman was the first app Drobnik had published on the app store in late 2008.

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Make Money Socializing

Here’s a press release I’ve been working on. Awesome announcements from our startup ProductLayer!

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Years of Barcodes

My last 15 months had a common theme: barcodes. At this point all my research, coding and writing is finally allowed to move into the public sphere, plainly visible for all who care. And incredibly interesting for those who don’t just yet.

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