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AI, find me some work…

I was asked by my wife to describe what I do so that she can send it to a friend who is apparently finding people for companies in Japan. It’s no secret that I have a love affair with GPT4.

So I sat down and gave GPT as much context as I could, adding a few more bits and pieces as I thought about them. Here’s the first version. Quite good, I think, couldn’t have written it better myself.

About Me:

  • Experience: Over 13 years of experience in iOS and Mac development.
  • Specialization: Swift, SwiftUI, AI Integration in app development, Git for source code management, and technical writing.
  • Location: Austria – available for remote work or short-term on-site projects.
  • Availability: Part-time, with current engagements requiring about a week per month.
  • Reputation: Known in the Apple developer community through my brand, Cocoanetics, and a substantial Twitter following of over 18,800 followers.

Skills & Experience:

  • Swift and SwiftUI: Extensive experience in building platform-independent code within the Apple ecosystem, including iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS.
  • AI Integration: Proficient in integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into app development, ranging from creating boilerplate code to building new SwiftUI views.
  • Git: Expert in source code management using Git, both on GitHub and my private GitLab instance.
  • Technical Writing: Maintained a strong online presence through frequent technical blog posts on my website,, and the authoring of “Barcodes with iOS”.
  • Open Source and Closed Source Projects: Managed numerous open source projects on GitHub, like DTCoreText and Kvitto, and ran a successful closed source “parts store” selling components to other developers.
  • Apple Liaison: Extensive experience in liaising with Apple, including addressing App Store rejection issues and interacting with Apple engineers.


  • Independent Apps: Developed and launched several apps on the iOS App Store, such as iWoman, BabyCheck,, and SpeakerClock.
  • Collaborative Projects: Key contributor to GroupCal and 24me Smart Personal Assistant, rebuilding various components.
  • Business Process Tools: Created Mac apps and system tools like Scissorhands and Proofics for International Color Services, streamlining business processes.

Looking For:

  • Short-term Consulting Roles: Interested in projects requiring expertise in app architecture, bug-fixing, code reviewing, or mentoring.
  • Challenging Projects: Keen on engagements that present a challenge and require innovative solutions, particularly involving the latest Apple technologies and AI.

I am excited to bring my extensive experience, innovative thinking, and proven track record to new projects. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any opportunities where my expertise could be a good fit.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @Cocoanetics
Phone: +4369910010110

Best regards,
Oliver Drobnik

Also published on Medium.

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