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BarCodeKit 1.4.0

Next month marks the 10 year anniversary of BarCodeKit. It’s been like two years of slumber since the last release. It was available via Cocoapods and direct via GitHub, but lately several developers voiced interest for it to be available as Swift Package.

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WWDC 2023: A Reflection on Apple’s “Spatial Computing” Journey

The highly-anticipated WWDC 2023 has drawn to a close, and as the dust settles, I find myself sifting through a barrage of new revelations and innovations from our friends at Apple.

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AI, find me some work…

I was asked by my wife to describe what I do so that she can send it to a friend who is apparently finding people for companies in Japan. It’s no secret that I have a love affair with GPT4.

So I sat down and gave GPT as much context as I could, adding a few more bits and pieces as I thought about them. Here’s the first version. Quite good, I think, couldn’t have written it better myself.

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DTCoreText 1.6.26

This is a maintenance release mostly fixing build issues.

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DTFoundation 1.7.18

This is a maintenance release fixing mostly build issues.

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BarCodeKit 1.3.3

Apparently I made a mistake in the previous release forgetting to include several commits mentioned in the release notes. It only took about 3 years for somebody to notice.

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Some Statistics for Starters

As a hobby, I am working on a SwiftUI app on the side. It allows me to keep track of height and weight of my daughters and plot them on charts that allow me to see how “normal” my offspring are developing.

I’ve shied away from statistics at university, so it took me so time to research a few things to solve an issue I was having. Let me share how I worked towards a solution to this statistical problem. May you find it as instructive as I did.

Note: If you find any error of thought or fact in this article, please let me know on Twitter, so that I can understand what caused it.

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Adding Swift Package Manager Support – Part 2

In the previous post I looked at some of the history of how we packaged up our library code for use by our fellow developers. We looked at some of the benefits of static libraries versus dynamic frameworks which also come with headers needed by the integrator.

Now let’s dive into the steps that were necessary for me to enable SPM support on the first few libraries DTCoreText, DTFoundation and Kvitto. It took me several days to iron out all the kinks and I’d love to share with you what I learned in the process.

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Adding Swift Package Manager Support – Part 1

As of Xcode 12, Apple has matured Swift Package Manger to a degree where it makes sense to add support for Swift packages to your libraries. There are still a few stumbling stones on the path which have no obvious solution. So I figure, I’d share with you how I got around them when I recently added SPM support to DTCoreText, DTFoundation and Kvitto.

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DTFoundation 1.7.15

User nostradani contributed support for Swift Package Manager. I don’t even know his/her full name, but by the looks of things this was a hell of a lot of work.

Honestly I haven’t even looked adding SPM-support to my frameworks yet, but I hear that if you have resources in your framework project you have to wait until Swift 5.3. anyway. DTFoundation doesn’t, so I am glad somebody stepped up and did the work.

But in a SwiftUI app of mine I am referencing two Swift packages. It is quite convenient having this be integrated into Xcode.

The new version is tagged on GitHub and also available on Cocoapods.