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BarCodeKit 1.3.3

Apparently I made a mistake in the previous release forgetting to include several commits mentioned in the release notes. It only took about 3 years for somebody to notice.


  • FIXED: some warnings related to duplicate entries in the encoding table for Code 39 and Code 93 Full ASCII
  • FIXED: Previous version was missing several commits mentioned in the release notes

I think what might have happened is that I got confused with the tags and versions. But now all the changes are included in 1.3.3.

Ivan asked:

On the site, I can see that you have mentioned that with the buying of your book the license for the library is free, is this still valid? What kind of license I will get if I buy your book?

Yes, that still works. The license says that you can use the library without attribution for your own apps. The library is open source so everybody can use it, but they have to include the BSD License text in the app settings. With the non-attribution license you don’t have to mention BarCodeKit or Cocoanetics at all. I normally charge 75 Euros for this kind of license, so the book is a really good deal. 🙂

The new version is tagged on GitHub as well as published on Cocoapods Trunk.

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