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GeoCorder Breaks Records

After the first full day of sales I am really happy with how GeoCorder is doing. I did not expect such a huge number of downloads. But hey, it’s useful and it’s free… for a limited time.

USA leads the way with 240 downloads, Germany with 43 is not-so-close second and Canada on third place is barely more than the average with 29. In total the top three countries amount to more than half of downloads, 495 in total.

Actually those numbers might give a very good indication about what international distribution of downloads to expect and which languages to target. With English you will cover more than two thirds of market volume and German approx. 10%.

GeoCorder is useful to anybody in any language and therefore I think download number are not skewed by people not downloading because they don’t understand the app’s core content. GeoCorder has so little text that your language does not matter.

I will raise the price to $2 once I reach 1000 downloads. While this will definitely reduce downloads dramatically I hope to turn a couple of bucks for the effort I put into this app.

UPDATE: I dropped the price again to $1 because daily downloads dropped from over 200 to zero.

New App available: GeoCorder

Our latest addition to the app store is GeoCorder, currently free. With it you can simply record GPS tracks in full detail and later e-mail them to contacts in your address book.

Actually I just put it online to get some report data about free apps, so that’s your advantage. You can get it now for free. Later I’ll probably raise the price to 1 Dollar, because I believe that if people like the concept they will also buy it for that amount and the earnings can then go towards further development of the app.

GeoCorder had been rejected by Apple several times. First due to my abusing a standard button for something completely different. Later I had a nasty crashing bug that you would only see if you tried to e-mail a track without network connectivity. Apple thought that this might “confuse users”. And frankly so did I after being able to duplicate the problem on iPhone Simulator.

I persisted, improving my code several times and resubmitting as often. Finally, today, I got the infamous “Your application is Ready for Sale” e-mail. Hooray!

More info here.

Don't abuse standard buttons

Four days ago I had submitted a small app to the app store and yesterday I received feedback that I had to make some changes. Out of pure laziness I had re-purposed the “compose” button on a tool bar to call up a settings dialog.

“Applications must adhere to the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines as outlined in iPhone SDK Agreement section 3.3.5.

The compose button is to be used to open a new message view in edit mode. Implementing standard buttons to perform other tasks will lead to user confusion. We recommend using a custom icon.”

I must admit that Apple is right, we want to avoid user confusion at any cost. Also kudos to them for really being strict even if this means for us small-time developers that you have to submit your app with changes several times until they give it the nod.

I ended up creating my own button with a custom image of a cockwheel and while being at it I also replaced the play button with a record button, again by my own design.

New Blog started

After blogging for 10 years in German I thought to myself, “Hey. This app development really starts being a serious part of my life. I’d better dedicate a dedicated blog to it!”

Every now and then I would blog programming related topics in a category on my personal blog, but those always felt somewhat misplaced. Then I am frequently discovering new ways how to manage certain tasks in Cocoa Touch, but didn’t have a place to put this new-found knowledge.

Now I do.

All the while I was blogging on my own blogging engine. But software development generally is a TEAM effort. In this case TEAM is a German acronym for  “Toll, ein anderer macht’s” which can be translated as “Great! Somebody else takes care of it!”

I want to concentrate on developing iPhone apps, not coding a blog engine. WordPress to the rescue! This blog was literally running within 5 minutes. And while I was at it, I remembered the suggestion of a BETA tester to find a place where people can submit bugs and suggestions for my apps. My future brother-in-law suggested Mantis and this was also running in only a few minutes. 

The bug reporting site for all my apps is now located at