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GeoCorder Breaks Records

After the first full day of sales I am really happy with how GeoCorder is doing. I did not expect such a huge number of downloads. But hey, it’s useful and it’s free… for a limited time.

USA leads the way with 240 downloads, Germany with 43 is not-so-close second and Canada on third place is barely more than the average with 29. In total the top three countries amount to more than half of downloads, 495 in total.

Actually those numbers might give a very good indication about what international distribution of downloads to expect and which languages to target. With English you will cover more than two thirds of market volume and German approx. 10%.

GeoCorder is useful to anybody in any language and therefore I think download number are not skewed by people not downloading because they don’t understand the app’s core content. GeoCorder has so little text that your language does not matter.

I will raise the price to $2 once I reach 1000 downloads. While this will definitely reduce downloads dramatically I hope to turn a couple of bucks for the effort I put into this app.

UPDATE: I dropped the price again to $1 because daily downloads dropped from over 200 to zero.

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  1. And maybe some downloads from France ?… 🙂
    Well, I really like this kind of application, useful to geotag photos.
    But I would really like you to add the ability to take a previous file and continue recording on the same file.

    It’s really useful when you take photos to record when you take photos, then stop the recording, and continue maybe one hour later, or the day after when you are trekking. So you can save a lot of your battery !!!

    Thanks !

  2. that’s a great idea. I’ll add this as a new feature request on our bug tracker.