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AntiCrack contains proven technology to mitigate the risk of your apps getting pirated by automatic cracking tools. As of version 2.0 it contains the strongest defense mechanisms possible to detect such cracking attempts as well as technology to thwart Crackulous. In version 1.x it was only possible to detect cracks and not prevent them. Our cutting edge research team has developed two new methods which make it impossible for Crackulous to even decrypt your app. Also AntiCrack 2.0 is completely rewritten from ground up to make it unfeasable for crackers to try to disable AntiCrack with a hex editor.

A seasoned cracker will still be able to disable any copy protection scheme, but that does not mean we cannot aim to make it as difficult and time consuming as possible. AntiCrack is easy to put into your projects and because of this you are able to make your app a veritable mine field for crackers. AntiCrack contains a collection of the most powerful detection mechanisms while some even more powerful are still being developed. For your donation you will also get free access to all future versions of AntiCrack.

AntiCrack is extremely simple to implement:

  • copy a custom scan tool to your project root
  • add a couple of header files to your project
  • add a custom script step to your target
  • make a couple of modifications to your source
  • hit build twice and you are done!

We have researched for hours and hours to make it as easy and safe as possible, so that YOU don’t have to!

The other copy protection service charges $100-$300 for setup and asks for a recurring payment of $50-$150 per quarter. After your donation AntiCrack is completely free to use and does not need to contact a server to work. You even get all future updates for free because we want you to always have the most cutting edge technology. Contrary to other offers AntiCrack comes as source code to guarantee 100% transparency.

Just send us any amount between EUR 30 and EUR 100 via this donation button and I will immediately send you the SVN access details and all instructions via e-mail. Included is also video training for basic implementation as well as advanced topics. We have to ask that you be generous enough so that we can serve you well. Having the peace of mind that your apps are safe is priceless, don’t you agree?

Please mention what apps you have on the app store or give some credible indication that you are a in fact an iPhone developer.

Note that I reserve the right to refuse our services to you should your behavior suggest that you are not a developer but in fact somebody from the Hackulous forum trying to infiltrate our closely knit AntiCrack-Community.