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iFR Cockpit

Note: Due to time constraints we have not been able to update this app since June 2009. Therefore it is free until we can update it. Try it at your own risk and if you have some time maybe let us know what we should add in your opinion to again make it worth a dollar.

NOW at the lowest price possible until the next update. We appreciate your enthusiasm for iFR Cockpit, please submit your feature requests to our bug/feature tracker.

Pilots use their instruments to fly through bad weather. Modern pilots use an LCD “glass cockpit” like the famous G1000. Now you can have your own glass cockpit in your pocket ready for those times when you too find it hard to keep straight and level.

Amaze your pilot friends with your pocket glass cockpit or use it for attitude control if all you can see is the iPhone before your eyes! iFR (iPhone Flight Rating) not required.

“Cockpit” uses the built-in accelerometer to draw an artificial horizon and GPS for airspeed indicator, rate of climb indicator, heading and an altitude indicator. In “Mock Up Mode” you can make the values change by tilting the device.

Note: this app is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not actually be used in moving vehicles.

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