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Urban Airship Commander

Urban Airship Commander is used by Developers who use Urban Airship’s push notification service. It is a convenient mobile tool to keep track of your push-enabled apps and broadcast notifications to your users.

You can spice up your push notifications by using the emojis that are available on the iPhone emoji keyboard. You can tap on any previous log message and reuse the text and custom settings to save yourself much time. We found this to be a boon during development time when you need to keep resending the same message over and over again to test your apps.

Airship Commander also provides a practical development mode with which you can test your push notifications before broadcasting them. This lets you limit sending to just your own test devices. When you are ready you flip the switch you broadcast the push notification to the actual user devices.


en-iphone5-portrait-Send_New_Push_Notification          en-iphone5-portrait-Logs_Screen

en-iphone5-portrait-Devices_Screen           en-iphone5-portrait-Apps_Screen





  • set up your push-enabled apps for development or production mode
  • convenient log that allows reuse of previously sent messages
  • configure custom values to trigger actions in your apps
  • manage a list of your development devices
  • choose to set a badge value, leave it unchanged or clear it
  • send notifications to test devices only or broadcast them to all push-registered users
  • Emoji Support (!)
  • provide the setup for an app to your clients via URL scheme

We value your feedback! If you also use Urban Airship and have comments about Airship Commander please get in touch with us!

Why So Expensive?

You might be wondering why we chose such an extremely high price for this app. When I first discussed pricing with one of our partners show where already using a prerelease copy I mentioned that I would be wanting to charge $5 or $10 for it. To which my partner replied: “I think you should charge $40, because it is so extremely useful”.

And so we did. This app will not sell very many copies for the simple fact that it is only of use for Developers (which are a small fraction of the entire iOS app economy to begin with). And there only for those who have push-enabled apps. And there only for those who are using Urban Airship. I guess we will be lucky if we can get like a dozen or so sales in the next year. Compare this with the time we spent in house developing the app and the price we paid a designer to prepare the artwork for the app I see no other way than to charge as much.

In all likelihood we will be running this app at a loss for the foreseeable future. Because of the high barrier to purchase we can hope that only developers will buy it who really need and want it and are willing to support good software financially that makes they lives easier. And if the developer hands over the sending of push notifications to a client he has developed a push-enabled app for, then we can just ask the client to either purchase UAC or use the Urban Airship web frontend. If – as we hope – many people will prefer the app, then we can start to slowly drop the price.

Another reason for this choice is that I did some market research but could not find a single other app by searching for “Urban Airship”. The reason for this could be either that there really is no market for an app like that, or that nobody thought of it before. I’m hoping the latter, but I fear the former.

In the least we now have an app on the store that one of our partners loves to be using. If nobody ever besides him will use this app we are still making somebody very happy. So why should I give it away and deal with people who don’t value our value proposition? Rather I’ll have a dozen users who can appreciate how much this app simplifies the task of sending push notifications.

There are many ideas what additional features would be great to have in this app, but as it is with any 1.0 version we need to test the waters a bit before diving into further development.

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  1. Can’t log in with my credentials (appkey and master secret) . Error wrong credentials

  2. @kanefx that means you are using the incorrect credentials. Try the APP’s master secret, not your global master secret.

  3. Is there any possibiliy to use the tags-Feature of urban airship with your app?