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Urban Airship Commander 1.1

We are happy to announce several big improvements on our Urban Airship Commander app. Besides some features that where not ready in time for 1.0 there are also 2 suggestions of users we implemented.

Contrary to popular belief this app is not a game. It is a tool for developers.

Update Feb 25th: The Update is now approved and available on the App Store after 10 days.


  • NEW: App now retrieves number of active devices and displays them on the app screen as well as when sending a new notification
  • NEW: Change the order of your apps anyway you like, the log screen matches it
  • NEW: You can forward configuration for apps by email
  • CHANGED: Bigger text box for entering your push notification message
  • FIXED: Changing an app name did not update the section name in the log
  • FIXED: Incorrect location of database file could lead to data loss if iPhone gets full

The version has been submitted to Apple and I’ll update here as soon as it gets approved.

Active devices now showing

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