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iOS Subscriptions 2.0

In this talk, which I gave at Pragma Conference 2015, I am explaining the ins and outs of auto-renewable subscriptions.

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When #pragma mark invited me as a speaker I knew that I would be giving two talks at Mobiconf just a week before. So I was a bit worried if I could prepare a good third talk. I offered them 3 talks to choose from and they decided on the one about subscription as this is still a relatively unknown subject.

I had given a talk on subscriptions 3 months earlier on a mixed-platform conference, but I felt that this talk was not quite complete. For one, I was presenting local sales receipt validation but did not offer any code for that. My mindset at that time was: “if anybody wants it, they would probably ask me and then I would open-source it.” Which didn’t happen.

With Swift 2 now out I felt good with starting a new project based on it. This would become the main goodie of my talk. I also polished and streamlined the slides to make it a worthy “2.0” version and set it apart from my prior talk.

I took 42 :22 min for 41 slides, i.e. 62 seconds per slide. The rule of one slide per minute continues to work out for me.

The mentioned open-source project Kvitto for locally parsing and validating app receipts is on GitHub.

PS: After my talk I was told by an attendee of the conference that Apple no longer requires that you add the subscription durations and prices in the app store text.

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  1. Kvitto 1.0.1 | Cocoanetics

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