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Kvitto 1.0.1

Kvitto is my first Swift component. I built it to decode universal app store receipts for the purpose of purchase validation and determining subscription durations.

Somehow the podspec for Kvitto had gotten lost. So I needed to reconstruct it from the JSON version which I found in the Cocoapods specs repo. Also there was some cleanup work and experiments trying to get unit testing and code coverage for Swift working. So this is purely a housekeeping release.


  • No changes in functionality, purely housekeeping

Reconstructing the podspec reminded me that the universal app receipt – the sort that Kvitto can parse – is also used on Mac. Some days I think we should add support for OS X and tvOS for Kvitto as well.

This release is tagged on GitHub as well as released on Cocoapods.

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  1. Any plans to update this for Xcode 8 with Swift 3?