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DTRichTextEditor Goes Open Source

Development on DTRichTextEditor had started in 2011, several years before Apple revamped the internals of UITextView to TextKit. I based it on DTCoreText – which had been open source from the start – and added a custom magnifying glass to mimic the one provided by the system. As of today, I am making it Open Source.

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Proportional Layout with Swift

Octavio asks:

I have an Autolayout challenge for you: I have a Square view which contains some images, labels, etc. We need that view to be full width on all iPhone screen sizes & resolutions.

The view is built at 320 x 320 (or @1x) and it is expected to scale proportionally for each and every other resolution and screen size. Basically, the view and all its elements should scale together, in unison, as if it was an image.

Thanks, Octavio, for a great question/challenge!

My first reaction was: “this is a problem I had solved previously!” But to make it a bit more interesting this time I am doing it with auto layout and Swift. We might learn something in the process.

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Radar: ABUnknownPersionViewController

Apple is introducing a new contacts framework in iOS 9. The do so very aggressively to even replace view controllers from AddressBookUI.framework with their new implementations. Unfortunately not without problems.

Normally I am prefer to keep quiet about bugs in iOS beta versions, but this one affects apps public on the app store which are using this view controller and therefore I felt it necessary to warn my iOS developer colleagues about it. This is the crash I was alluding to on iOS Today.

rdar://21357089 – ABUnknownPersionViewController_modern overreleases CNContactViewController
rdar://21438771 – ABUnknownPersionViewController Regression

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Core Image Barcode Erratum

Barcodes with iOSSince iOS 7, Core Image contains several generators for 2D barcodes. While I was writing my book Barcodes and iOS, only the CIQRCodeGenerator was documented. Apple’s standard policy is that classes which are not documented are to be considered off limites. Seeking clarification, I emailed an Apple evangelist and he confirmed that this is still the case.

So I mentioned the three other – undocumented – Core Image filters in the chapter about barcode generation, but cautioned the reader about their usage in app store apps: CIAztecCodeGenerator, CIPDF417BarcodeGenerator and CICode128BarcodeGenerator. At WWDC 2015, I learned that my assumption as well as the evangelist’s confirmation were incorrect.

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iOS Today

Three years ago, I last visited the TWiT Studio in Petaluma, California. Located one hour by car north of San Francisco, the “TWiT Brockhouse” is well worth visiting if you are a fan of the shows that Leo Laporte and his team are producing there. I was guest on their show following the WWDC week.

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WWDC 2015 Review

The 26th annual Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference was held June 8th through 12th in the Moscone West conference center. It was my fourth attendance to the show, with only 2014 being a break in my streak.

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The WWDC Keynotes

Don’t believe what the blogs are telling you. What they have witnessed – and live-blogged about – was not the entire story. They only got to see one third of the whole story.

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WWDC Pre-Show

I don’t like myself when I am grumpy. And I am grumpy when I am tired. Which is why I – if in possession of a WWDC ticket – I try to arrive in San Francisco a few days ahead of the conference. I hate the feeling of being a living dead with my body wanting to go to sleep even though the sun showing its warmest and friendliest face.

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FOKUS KIND Medien acquires iWoman

Drobnik KG and FOKUS KIND Medien, Austria – We are announcing that effective June 1st FOKUS KIND Medien has acquired the iWoman iOS property.

iWoman is a simple and intuitive app for women to keep track on their menstrual cycle. In-app purchases add the ability to keep track of sexual intercourse, daily basal temperature measurements and to have the data passcode protected. iWoman was the first app Drobnik had published on the app store in late 2008.

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I admit that I have been jealous of those lucky people who could afford the luxury of staring into a Retina-resolution screen all day. Last week my ship came in and delivered not one but two Retina-devices.

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