Our DNA is written in Swift

Years of Barcodes

My last 15 months had a common theme: barcodes. At this point all my research, coding and writing is finally allowed to move into the public sphere, plainly visible for all who care. And incredibly interesting for those who don’t just yet.

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Deal of the Day

Manning offers three books (including mine) as Deal of the Day, for February 22th. A new chance to get in on a sweet deal!

Use promo code dotd022215au to get 50% off any of these books throughout February 24th.

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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.9

This update to DTRichTextEditor contains several pressing fixes.

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DTCoreText 1.6.15

This maintenance update for DTCoreText aggregates several contributed fixes.

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DTFoundation 1.7.5

This maintenance update for DTFoundation contains a few fixes for the parsers and other minor fixes.

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Keychain Management Revamped

For the past several years I have been using an ugly hacked together class AccountManager in several projects for saving and retrieving generic passwords on the keychain. A couple of months ago I finally got around to replacing this with a well-designed thought-through component, DTKeychain, which works equally well on iOS and OS X.

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DTDownload 1.1.2

This minor update for DTDownload adds the ability to affect the ordering of downloaded URLs.

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Book, out

We are happy to announce that my book Barcodes with iOS is out now. The final PDF edition arrived January 21st in the inboxes of people who had pre-ordered via the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP).

Update Jan 28th: Received my author copies. Added photo and unboxing video below.

You can order it on Manning.com (50% off with discount code mldrobnik) or amazon.com or – if you are in Europe – you might prefer Amazon.de. Either way is fine… as long as you buy a copy! 🙂

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Radar: UIImageView in UIScrollView Compositing Flashing

I filed this Radar already back in December, without a sample. Now an Apple engineer requested that I provided one. So I did.

The problem is that a scrollview misaligns a content image if you pinch-to-zoom causing white lines to appear along the right and bottom edges.

Filed as rdar://19323748 and on OpenRadar.

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Radar: Swipe-to-Edit on UITableView

Working on the prod.ly app (see screen shot below) I found this problem when adding actions to table view cells via the new editActionsForRowAtIndexPath: API. If you have a UIButton in the cell then the swipe does not cancel the tap on the button and you can end up accidentally executing the button action when you only wanted to edit.

Filed as rdar://19411256 and on Open Radar.

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