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Integrating your Website + iOS App

This is the first of two talks I gave at Mobiconf 2015. The second one – about my experiences getting into Swift – is also available for your to watch.

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I am one of the founders of – a free API that lets you convert barcodes into product information for use in your apps. Based on this RESTful JSON API is which is a place where consumers can have a dialog about specific products.

There are multiple technologies which let you integrate your website and your app in terms of user experience. All these are documented on disparate pages in Apple’s documentation. So I figured it would be great to have a concise overview of what these APIs are and how they fit together.

  • Smart App Banner
  • Shared Web Credentials
  • Activity Continuation, aka “Handoff”
  • Universal Links

Also, as bonus section, I gave an overview of the new Search APIs introduced in iOS 9. This was a totally instinctive decision which paid off. Renowned developer Ash Furrow was in the audience and he asked me a question which – much to my own surprise – I was fully capable of answering.

Mobiconf will provide a high quality version of this video, including visuals of me on stage. But since I didn’t want to wait I pulled the audio from a recording I had made with my GoPro and combined it with a fresh recording of the Keynote presentation. Unfortunately I had forgotten to turn on audio recorder which I had in my back pocket.

You can try out the described technologies in action if you download the iOS app – because this is where I integrated them while recording my experiences as material for this presentation.

PS: Web-to-Native handoff had been broken in iOS 9.0 – Apple implemented the fix in iOS 9.1 just in time before my talks.

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