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TestFlight builds might get stuck in “Processing”

Old story: you submit a new version of an app only to find the next day that you still have a place where a crash occurs. In my case I “developer rejected” the review submission and uploaded a new build. Only to find that 19 hours later – on the next day – it is still not available to be attached to the version for submission.

People on Twitter told me that they are having the same issues too every now and then. Apparently for some they can jigger it lose by refreshing the TestFlight iOS-Builds page every few seconds. A few individuals even do that with a chrome extension that reloads the page every 15 seconds.

So, time for a Radar: filed as rdar://23409291 and on OpenRadar.


When uploading builds to TestFlight from Xcode, it might occur that a build shows up, but does not get available for testing. If you click on “Show all builds” the build shows as still “Processing”.

Right now I have one build processing for 19 hours now, a newer one for 4 hours.

My twitter followers tell me that they have the same problem and the might be a workaround by refreshing the page every 15 seconds for a while to jigger it to finish processing eventually. However when I tried to refresh it several times, this did not have an effect for me

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload a TestFlight build
  2. Note the time it takes for it to become available for Internal Testing

Expected Results

  • the build should leave the Processing stage after no more than one hour, preferable within minutes

Actual Results

  • some builds take considerably longer than one hour
  • they show as Processing even after more than 10 hours

I am attaching a screenshot that shows builds #563 and #564 being stuck in Processing.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-05 um 10.54.16


Maybe you should run a query on your backend to check which builds are in Processing for longer than a certain time. Most likely you will find that there is a bug in iTunes Connect that causes some builds to get stuck.

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