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Radar: [Xcode] Quick Help no longer shows documentation from imported module

I found this new issue when developing a framework for a client. I have all Swift code in a module and added nice documentation comments to all of the public methods and properties.

In Xcode 8, you could Open+Click on any property, class or method and you would see the documentation from these comments. This would work regardless if you are in Swift or Objective-C code.

Now with Xcode 9 that suddenly doesn’t work any more from Objective-C code. In Swift files it still works, both in the module itself as well as an app importing it.

Filed as rdar://34789767 and on Open Radar. The mentioned sample is on my Radar Samples GitHub repo, titled InterfaceTest.


Documentation comments for a Swift class are displayed only within Swift code. Neither in same module, nor in an importing ObjC-class Quick Help works. The generated ObjC Header Module-Swift.h has the documentation comments present.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open the ObjcCViewController.m or the sample app with Xcode 9
  2. Open+Click on publicProperty

Expected Results

  • You should see “This is a public property” displayed in Quick Help

Actual Results

  • You only see “No Quick Help”
  • If you instead do the same in the SwiftViewController you see Quick Help as expected.


Version 9.0 (9A235)


iMac or MacBook, with Xcode 9 and macOS 10.13

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