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DTLoupeView is closely resembling the original Loupe (aka Magnifier) that you see whenever you long press on something that can be selected. Since there is no public API to get the built-in functionality we had to developed DTLoupeView for use in DTRichTextEditor, our Rich-Text-Editor component.

We realize that you might have your own rich text editing view or might not even want to use this Loupe for simply editing text. The loupe is also of great use if you want to give your users an metaphor of selecting something on screen that they are familiar with.

DTLoupeView gives you all you need to get the round and rectangular loupes into your app and have them behave just like the original. Pixel-perfect.

  • 3 Loupe styles: Round, Rectangular with Arrow, Rectangular without Arrow
  • Animations to and from a specific point
  • You can choose the magnification factor that suits your app best
  • Demo app that shows how to integrate it

Price: 150 EUR (How many U.S. Dollars?)

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