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Allows parsing and validation of iTunes App Store receipts. Receipts also contain the In App Purchase receipts. For auto-renewable subscriptions the subscription expiration date is available.

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DTKeychain is a modern and simple keychain wrapper that works on iOS and OS X.

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DTRichTextEditorView a view that combines the richness of DTCoreText with UITextInput to give you the editing capabilities you need to change text editing on iOS forever.

On June 22nd, 2015, the editor become Open Source.

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This looks like Apple’s Calendar control which you see on the iPhone’s built-in Calendar.

It features dragging to change the day. Fast scrolling months by tapping and holding on an arrow, scrolling to adjacent months either by arrow or tapping on a month belonging to different month. You can show a dot for days with an event. You can even show your own icon instead of the dot.

The component also comes with a view controller that shows a regular UITableView below the calendar which you can customize with your own cells.

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A simple to use, yet highly customizable Charting class.

Data is fed to it via delegate methods. The Chart supports endless scrolling, orientation changes, tap to show data labels. It currently has lines, bars next to each other and bars that are stacked on top of each other.

Bars or areas below/above lines can be custom-shaded. Line Points can also be custom-drawn.

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BarCodeKit is a library which allows for generating common 1D bar codes on iOS. You can display them on the device, add them to PDF documents or print them to stickers via Air Print.

You get a FREE license for BarCodeKit with purchase of my book Barcodes with iOS!

Please read our announcement to get an overview over the project. Documentation is available online.

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This project aims to duplicate the methods present on Mac OSX which allow creation of NSAttributedString from HTML code on iOS.

The project covers two broad areas:

  1. Layouting – Interfacing with CoreText, generating attributed strings from HTML code
  2. User Interface – UI-related classes render these objects, specifically DTAttributedTextView, DTAttributedLabel and DTAttributedTextCell.

This is useful for drawing simple rich text like any HTML document without having to use a UIWebView. For text selection and highlighting (as you might need for an Editor or Reader) there is the commercial DTRichTextEditor component which can be purchased in the Cocoanetics Parts Store.
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DTXMLRPC is a framework for communicating with XML-RPC services. Based on that it includes a wrapper for the WordPress API, allowing you to create blog posts and upload media files with very intuitive methods.

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Now updated for iPad

This component can be used whenever you want the look of yellow lined notepaper. There are several challenges that you need to overcome if you want your notepad’s look to closely resemble the built-in

The latest version comes in a demo to show how to use DTNotePadView in a universal app that runs on iPhone as well as iPad. Don’t waste time trying to put it all together yourself! Rather get the polished component including lifetime personal support from us.

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This component contains the functionality of the genstrings command line utility but in a static library that you can add to developer tools. It is used by our app Linguan for scanning source files for instances of the NSLocalizedString macros.

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DTDownload started out as a wrapper around NSURLConnection when I needed resumable file downloads for iCatalog. It has since grown into several parts. For file and image caching you can use DTDownloadCache, for queueing up a large number of downloads use DTDownloadQueue.

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This component allows you to get all the information fields from a X.509 certificate. You get DTCertificate to get the raw information as well as DTCertificateViewer which is a view controller modeled after the certificate viewer built into iOS. More details


DTBonjour had its origin when I wanted communicate between a Mac app and an iOS app. It greatly simplifies networking over WiFi by giving you an easy method to transmit any NSObject that conforms to NSCoding.

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Safari uses the WebKit class WebArchive to transfer rich data from e.g. Safari. This project aims to give you the capability of accepting such pasteboard data in your apps. WebArchive and the related WebRessource classes are tightly coubled with WebKit and private. This project is a reverse-engineered class giving you the same functionality on iOS.

For example you could allow your users to copy something from a web page and paste it into your app preserving the formatting.
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DTFoundation is a collection of utility methods and category extensions that Cocoanetics is standardizing on. This should evolve into a toolset of well-documented and -tested code to accelerate future development.
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DTLoupeView is closely resembling the original Loupe (aka Magnifier) that you see whenever you long press on something that can be selected. Since there is no public API to get the built-in functionality we had to developed DTLoupeView for use in DTRichTextEditor, our Rich-Text-Editor component.

We realize that you might have your own rich text editing view or might not even want to use this Loupe for simply editing text. The loupe is also of great use if you want to give your users an metaphor of selecting something on screen that they are familiar with.

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You have AdMob ads in your apps? Wondering if you could make a bit more money if you also had iAds were available?

DTBannerManager solves this problem for you. It allows for easily adding both networks to your code. Under iOS 4 it will first try to get an iAd because those also pay for just being displayed. If none is available then it automatically switches to AdMob, so your banner space is never wasted.

It also features elegant sliding in and out of the banners and is able to display ad banners even over a tab bar controller, so they are always visible for maximum effect.

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DTClusterMaker employs a very efficient method to spatially sort and cluster closeby POIs.

In the presented demonstration app you can explode any of the purple pins into it’s original POIs. You get two different algorithms to choose from: The perfect one, that tends to slow down if you feed it hundrets of POIs.

And it’s ultra-fast cousin which works by “boxing” the POIs. It’s so fast in fact, that I am thinking of letting it run multiple times with a shifted grid and then choose the output that gives me the smallest number of POIs. If you have hundreds of POIs then you won’t see a difference.

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New version 2.0 now fully supports iOS 5 through iOS 8 on all iPhones and iPads.

Just like the passcode lock mechanism of the iPhone, you can allow your users to set a 4-digit PIN for your own app. Then when starting your app’s personal data will only be available to the user.

It mimics the animations of the original for entering and confirming the PIN.

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This part simplifies dropping a standardized set of components you need to have a strong “About” section of your app.

You configure the things you like in a plist and add the view controller to your app. There is even an in-app-support section with FAQs and a scrollview with icons of all your apps, showing which apps are already installed.

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