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This looks like Apple’s Calendar control which you see on the iPhone’s built-in Calendar.

It features dragging to change the day. Fast scrolling months by tapping and holding on an arrow, scrolling to adjacent months either by arrow or tapping on a month belonging to different month. You can show a dot for days with an event. You can even show your own icon instead of the dot.

The component also comes with a view controller that shows a regular UITableView below the calendar which you can customize with your own cells.

DTCalendarView is a class of it’s own as of version 2.0 so you can use it anywhere you need a calendar, even as a replacement for UIDatePicker. Also I put my secret sauce UIView+sliding into the project, as a free bonus. This category extension allows you to slide in any kind of UIView from the bottom of the screen. Together with DTCalendarView you get magic: a drop in UIDatePicker replacement!

Price: 50 EUR (How many U.S. Dollars?)

Apps using this component:

Customer Quotes:

“I was able to modify it to fit my needs a little better and dropped it into one of my pre-existing apps as an update with this new feature. I also created just a standalone app with your code that I modified for my purposes and submitted it to apple. Apple approved the update and the new app yesterday in record time (4 hours!!) I might add and they are in the app store now.” (Neal Layton)

Thank you so much for developing your new Calendar-based date picker, the CalendarViewController. I was looking for a better solution for creating itineraries in my eTicket family of Disney vacation planning apps and I am very happy with the results we got with CalendarViewController 2.0. It was very simple to integrate, even into our complex app. This is such a great improvement for picking dates, especially dates far out into the future. (Josh Kornoff)

Here’s video demo of all the changes in version 2.

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  1. Hi

    Does the control resizes to iPad dimensions?



  2. No. Where would be the point in that?

  3. would it be good for using the calendar control in an iPad App

  4. Will you develop an iPad version that make use of the EKEvent Framework?

  5. It’s version agnostic. On an iPad you would use it as it is in a popover. Also it’s UI only, so you can put any kind of backend behind it that you like.

  6. How complex would it be to customize your DTCalendarView in order to implement two or three functions :
    1/ the table view holds a rather large number of events (50<x< 200). Some have dates attributed, others none.
    2/ A day being selected, I can check events from the list to place them in the calendar (attibute a date) or uncheck them.
    3/ A cool plus would be, for a given date, to highlight (and even sort ?) the events.

    … and any good idea to handle a calendar of tasks …

    Thanks in advance


  7. The component is just UI. So you can certainly build something like you describe.

  8. Is this component retina ready?

  9. Yes, it’s used in iWoman which is Retina-ready as of 2.0.

  10. Has this been updated anytime after iOS 7 was released? I’m assuming not, but figured I’d ask. I have a client project coming up shortly which might benefit from this component, as they need to be able to display events fed by a server on a calendar. Thank you!

  11. Needs an iOS 7 update. And support for auto rotation so the calendar still fits on screen when rotated.

  12. Hello there! Does your DTCalendarView works for iOS 8?