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Now updated for iPad

This component can be used whenever you want the look of yellow lined notepaper. There are several challenges that you need to overcome if you want your notepad’s look to closely resemble the built-in

The latest version comes in a demo to show how to use DTNotePadView in a universal app that runs on iPhone as well as iPad. Don’t waste time trying to put it all together yourself! Rather get the polished component including lifetime personal support from us.


  • Yellow paper looks just like the
  • Never-ending lined paper
  • Dynamic rotation to Landscape and Portrait supported
  • plug in graphics to match your own app’s UI metaphor to customize the look
  • Delegation mechanism to know if the user cancelled or saved the note’s content
  • all you need is to pass it a text, code is generic to work with any model
  • Ideal to present in a pop over to make notes on something in your iPad app

demonstration of iPhone versus iPad mode of this component.

Price: 25 EUR (How many U.S. Dollars?)

A video demonstration on iPhone and iPad:

Links: Developer’s ForumCocoapedia

“Thanks for creating a quality component that makes my app look good.” — Tim K.


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