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You have AdMob ads in your apps? Wondering if you could make a bit more money if you also had iAds were available?

DTBannerManager solves this problem for you. It allows for easily adding both networks to your code. Under iOS 4 it will first try to get an iAd because those also pay for just being displayed. If none is available then it automatically switches to AdMob, so your banner space is never wasted.

It also features elegant sliding in and out of the banners and is able to display ad banners even over a tab bar controller, so they are always visible for maximum effect.

What’s also great is that you can use this component will work on both 3.x and 4.x iOS Versions. This way you can target the broadest possible audience with reaping the benefits of iAds if available.

Apps using this component:

Price: 25 EUR (How many U.S. Dollars?

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  1. Hey Oliver,

    Will this work with only iAds and AdMob? Can I put in my own ad serving technology in here too? I’d like to have my own ad serving technology take precedence over the others.



  2. It’s built such that you should have no trouble adding your own network(s) if you how it’s built. Bascially you have a manager singleton class where the delegate methods of the various networks report to. If you build your own API with similar delegate methods (ad received, problem receiving ad etc) then you can add it quite easily. Also – because it’s you *g* – I can throw in the source code for my MobFox.framework which you could easily change to talk to your own server instead.

  3. Awesome! I built my ad serving code on the iPhone side to mimic the API from iAds, so it should be no problem then!

    I’ll send off my payment when I get to my office in a little while.



  4. Does this work on iPad?

  5. Hi

    Can the adds be placed in views smaller than width 320, I.e. A popup view of 280.


  6. No, only the supported standard ad sizes

  7. Thanks I think I would still like to give it a go and order anyway.. I can always use in other apps but would like to play around with small views for the current one.

    Thanks, please email me instructions.

  8. What will happen if I place in a small view?


  9. The individual ad networks will create ads in fixed sizes. DTBannerManager adds their resulting ads in a subview. If you make the banner view smaller it centers and crops the ads.

  10. How about external displays? Can I put the view onto an externally attached display instead or in conjunction with a view for the built in display?

  11. You have a view where the individual ad networks ads are mounted in. So you can put this view anywhere you like.

  12. Just bought this Part, which only partially works on iPad: only iPhone, portrait-view banner sizes are served, which are left aligned too. But it took me only two hours to accept iPad banner sizes too, center the banner views and support landscape as well. Works like a charm…