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Parts Store Terms & Conditions

Ownership & Licensing

All parts, source code and intellectual property contained on and offered through this site are owned and sold by Drobnik KG, a company incorporated in Austria. Thus Drobnik KG is also the invoicing company for all legal purposes. Oliver Drobnik is a shareholder for Drobnik KG and is acting as CEO for all IT-related activities.

The individual products are referred to as “Cocoanetics Parts”. When ordering such a component you are paying for access to the source code of a “Part”. Ownership of the source code remains with Drobnik KG.

By making a purchase you acquire a license that permits use and modification of the offered source code for your own commercial or free apps. If you are using this code in a contracting project for a third party this party is also required to get such a license from us. Such extended licenses are available at a lower cost.

An appropriate amount of support will be provided for getting started with implementing the Parts. Purchase does NOT include any specific customizations. For these the standard rate of €50 / $75 applies. Oliver Drobnik may decide to include your suggestions into the trunk of the component if it sounds of broad use for customers who purchased this component.

It is possible that you have possession of code from MyAppSales that is similar or identical to Parts. This does not grant you license to use this code in your own apps. All rights for commercial use of MyAppSales code is reserved by it’s owner.

You may not grant this access to third parties without the express written consent of Drobnik KG. Nor shall you resell or rebrand these components to third parties as your own intellectual property.

Invoice & Tax

In order to provide you with a valid invoice Drobnik KG requires to be notified of:

  • Your appropriate invoice address
  • Your VAT number inside the European Union
  • What Parts you are ordering specifically

All prices mentioned are not including Value Added Tax (VAT). EU-based businesses are exempt from VAT and need to provide the VAT number for the invoice. Businesses outside of the EU, for example based in the USA, are also exempt from VAT.

If you don’t have a VAT number or are not a business then we will have to add 20% VAT to the invoice which we in turn will have to forward to the Austrian tax authority..


Preferred mode of payment is via bank transfer. For any other kind of payment the customer needs to insure that the full amount arrives with us. The invoice contains information on the bank account to transfer the money to.

Alternatively you can pay via PayPal to the account that is specified on the invoice. Please send payment in Euros.

Upon full payment of the price you will be provided with read-only access credential to our Subversion repository where you will have access to the latest and all previous revisions of the component.

You are expected to fully pay the invoice within 7 days. We reserve the right to terminate providing products or services to anyone who unduely delays payment without communicating good reason. If you made an error in your order and want to change it please contact us immediately. Not doing so will land you on our black list.


Bundle discounts may be available on an individual basis. To qualify for discounts you must order multiple Parts at the same time and issue payment in full. The bundle discount rate will depend on the total invoice sum as well as what you tell me about planned usage.


Upon payment you will receive credentials to a Subversion repository with read-only privileges. Have a look at this guide on how to setup the repository in Xcode so that you checkout the source code and easily update it in the future. We do not provide ZIP archives of source code because you can simply get a current copy of it with the svn export command.