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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.5

The update for DTRichTextEditor adds support for building for arm64 and fixes two bugs.

DTRichTextEditor 1.6.5

  • ADDED: support for arm64
  • FIXED: Hyperlink would continue to be extended when typing right of it
  • FIXED: Text get corrupted during Dictation on iOS 7
  • FIXED: Setting the attributed text to nil would not remove selection
  • CHANGED: Updated DTCoreText to 1.6.9
  • CHANGED: Updated DTFoundation to 1.6.0

DTLoupe 1.5.3

  • FIXED: Potential crash when presenting the editor in a modal view controller
  • CHANGED: Improved loupe smoothness when panning
  • CHANGED: Modernized method of getting loupe contents
  • ADDED: Support for arm64

Previously I had a roundf in place when setting the loupe’s frame, which caused it to be moved 2 pixels at a time on Retina displays. There was a quite noticeable difference in smoothness when I changed this round to consider the content scale. Support for arm64 was added which meant that I had to fix a few related warnings.

There were some stability issues when using the editor in some special circumstances where some changes in iOS 7 were wreaking havoc. I hope that this is now resolved by making some changes and cleaning up the way the magnified loupe content is being generated.

Curiously with iOS 7 UITextInput has started to insert 10 spaces ahead of a dictation result. This caused the positions to be off and cause the inserted dictation text to overwrite previously existing text. I also updated the way the dictation result is inserted. I don’t rely on the default calling of insertText: but instead assemble the text myself, which consists of multiple words. Only if the last character is a punctuation character I will add a space now.

Finally I also added a workaround for the reported issue that if you have a hyperlink in your text and type to the right of it it would extend the hyperlink. Now typing inside the hyperlink extends it, otherwise the hyperlink attributes are removed from the typing attributes. The text color and underline style are copied from the default text attributes.

The update is available for customers via tag on the GitLab repo and via private Cocoapod.

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