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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.6

This is a maintenance release for DTRichTextEditor. It contains only updates for the involved submodules.

DTRichTextEditor 1.6.6

  • CHANGED: Updated DTLoupe to 1.5.4
  • CHANGED: Updated DTCoreText to 1.6.10
  • CHANGED: Updated DTFoundation to 1.6.1

DTLoupe 1.5.4

  • FIXED: iOS 6 compatibility issue workaround by moving loupe content delegate into separate class
  • FIXED: Warning about incorrect animation option
  • CHANGED: Improved loupe content update by using layer display method as opposed to drawing the layer
  • CHANGED: Reverted fix for status bar content mode from 1.5.2

The update is tagged on the private GitLab repo as well as available via podspec on the private Cocoanetics CocoaPods repo. 

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