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DTCoreText 1.6.18

Since the prior release of DTCoreText, 9 months ago, a few issues became apparent with Xcode 8. Some people contributed cool stuff like support for use in app extensions as well as tvOS support.


  • ADDED: tvOS Support
  • ADDED: Property to better support display remote images with DTAttributedTextCell
  • ADDED: Extension sub spec (which removes some things that cannot be used in Extensions)
  • ADDED: Parse margin-top as paragraphSpacingBefore
  • ADDED: Support for list style with roman numerals
  • ADDED: 10% performance increase parsing CSS styles that only have a single part
  • ADDED: Usage of custom font name via CSS in programming guide
  • FIXED: Potential crash on iOS 10 from more strict CoreText functions
  • FIXED: Crash when list-style-image was not a string
  • FIXED: Crash when comparing lines and one of them was nil
  • FIXED: Several Xcode 8 build warnings
  • FIXED: All deprecation warnings related to CoreText text alignment constants
  • FIXED: NSURLConnection deprecation by using NSURLSessionDataTask instead
  • FIXED: Deprecation warnings related to percentEncoding, replaced with HTML entity encoding
  • FIXED: Several Carthage build problems

Thank you for your contributions, Philipp Schmid, David X. Lau, James Hurst, Brandon Tram, Alex WU, Kai Maschke,  Ryan Maxwell, Ian Ynda-Hummel, Florian Friedrich. (I can only thank people who have a proper name set up on GitHub)

One particular annoyance resulted from a bug in CocoaPods where the prepare_command of the podspec is not being executed. I am using this to generate a C file from the default CSS file and if it is not run, the linting of the spec fails. So as an immediate workaround I added a copy of this file to the repo.

The most work I needed to do on DTLazyImageView which required replacing the prior NSURLConnection logic with NSURLSessionDataTask while preserving the progressive download capability.

The update is tagged on GitHub (for Carthage) and available on Cocoapods.

Also published on Medium.

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