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DTCoreText 1.6.19

Hot on the heels of the previous release for DTCoreText this update hot-fixes several issues which were introduced in the previous release.


  • FIXED: Incompatibility with iOS 7, using containsString
  • FIXED: Memory Leak in DTLazyImageView, using NSURLSession
  • FIXED: [Demo] When loading remote images the relayout needs to be done on next runloop
  • FIXED: Incorrect tabulator used for list items
  • FIXED: In default.css P tags had a -webkit-margin-before (which gets parsed since 1.6.18) causing superfluous extra space before paragraphs

I decided to push this release without delay so that everybody needing DTCoreText can get fixes for bugs I introduced in 1.6.18 mostly fixing Xcode 8 warnings. Tips are welcome to PayPal

The update is tagged on GitHub and available via CocoaPods.

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