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Parts Store Spring Cleaning

We received an overhaul of our WordPress template today which allows for a better shopping experience if you buy components on our Parts Store. The new system allows us for showing the price calculation and also lets us show an arbitrary number of options.

There are presently two kinds of components on the store, Open Source and Closed Source. As always before you can use our Open Source stuff you find on GitHub for free as long as you attribute their origin to us. You can pay for us to waive the attribution requirement for each component.

You Get Options!

If you like to remain anonymous then there is a new option to opt out being mentioned in our PR materials.

The license for our Open Source components is generally the way how people can sponsor these components and insure that we stay committed to them. The fixed price and the new Marketing Exception options serve to make the decision easier for people what amounts they should be sending our way.

Bonus: you always get a nice invoice for your accounting department.

For commercial Closed Source components we have the Extended License option. The normal license allows you to use the component in apps published by a single entity. For a small extra fee you can use the component in all the apps you are working on.

The text of our commercial licensing terms is available here. We also have a fully fledged legally watertight contract license available for a higher price should you need such a thing, for example if you are US-based startup wanting to have all your ducks in a row for the big exit or IPO.

Many Components Discontinued, Many Reduced in Price

The current stock of the Parts Store has been reduced to 10 commercial and 5 open source parts. We dropped the following components due to them being out dated or people not purchasing them in quite a while.



  • DTPurchaseButton
  • DTCustomSwitch
  • DTLEDNumberView
  • DTMenuController
  • DTAugmentedRealityController
  • DTSplashExtender
  • DTVideoEncoder
  • DTMeasureStrip

If you have a special requirement that could use one of the discontinued components please contact us by email. We still have their source code and we can either get to a special arrangement with you or – the smaller ones – merge some into DTFoundation.

The primary goal of this cleanup is to lessen the barrier for most developers to purchase a license to our products. Less parts descriptions to maintain, easier to find. A more prominent position for our crown jewel DTRichTextEditor.

We have also restructured the internal order fulfillment process so that we can continue to work on code while a dedicated person takes care of your needs.

The secondary goal is to increase our revenue from component sales and thus have more time available for working on them. WWDC is coming and we need to fund the trip for two people now. Therefore we already say many thanks for your esteemed business as it is an essential ingredient for us to be able to do what we love. At this point I’d like to remind you that I’m also available for contract projects.

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